At iSimple Goods Inc, we are here to give you the best shopping experience possible.  After all, we would not have been here without your support.  This means that we will always do as much as we possibly can, to make you happy.  We know that things can happen from before and after sale, therefore, we offer peace of mind shopping to make sure that you, as our valuable customer, will always get the best customer service possible. 

If you are upset with anything and felt that you did not receive the best possible service.  Simply state or say "I want Simple Peace!" on a phone call, live chat, or email, and our managers will be involved to get you the best possible resolution.  We may not be able to do it every single time, but you will be assure that our managers will fight for you.  Whether it may be an order to be expedited, beat price with Amazon, an order that doesn't qualify for return..., anything.  If the resolution is not what you wanted, we can offer you something extra or additional discount code for future orders.  At the end, we will always give you more!

To start a iSimple Goods Inc request, please go to our help center.

Please note: this offer is not available for customers who had disputed or submitted a chargeback.  As dispute or chargeback may be a lengthy process, we asked that you please allow our team to assist you.